Nusé Muse 'Ausente' 14 Oct - 11 Nov 2017

Reception: 14 October 2017 from 7-10p
at Alter Space (1158 Howard Street)

Nusé Muse

Nusé Muse's Ausente features new works in painting, sculpture, and installation. The exhibition winds down a rabbit hole of dark humor, process, and a nuanced engagement with the gallery's architecture, while its thematics conjure environmental and social concern, mythology, and corporality.

Nusé Muse (b. 1979- 1986) is a United States based art collective who’s rotating members live and work between Reno, Minneapolis, Portland, and the Bay Area in California. The collective was formed in 2007 in an apartment on Treasure Island, through an initial series of “psychedelic and blacklight ready automatic drawings.” Since then the group has mounted exhibitions, performed musically as The Killer Pandas and Charlatan Stories, and created numerous handmade publications.